Q&A with an Inbox Brain User: Growth Marketer

Q1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your position?

A1. My name is Brian Millard and I’m growth marketer for a performance marketing agency. I work with app development companies who own products like Uber, Draftkings and Clash of Clans to grow their companies through user acquisition, or in other words, app installs.

As a growth marketer I act in a similar capacity to a business development executive prospecting and on-boarding new accounts on a monthly basis. My sales targets are ambitious, as is my commission, so I spend the majority of my time prospecting and emailing new accounts.

Finding new advertisers in the online space can be tedious and slightly technical as I usually need to track down the owner of an app or website through different domain registration platforms. The majority of my time is spent on this stage of the prospecting cycle. All in all I send about 75 cold prospecting emails on a good day and rarely follow up.

One weekend I was looking to hack my sales cycle and read about how automated follow up sequences that save approximately 30% of all emails that don’t receive a reply on the first contact. That eventually lead me to using InboxBrain and increasing my sales numbers.

Q2. Why did you start using Inbox Brain?

A2. I send out between 50 and 75 cold prospecting emails per day and in the past never followed up. I looked for software that would help get me more replies and effectively lead to higher close rates. My compensation is heavily commission based thus I’m very motivated to on board new advertising clients.

Q3. How did you find Inbox Brain?

A3. I’m active in business related groups on Facebook and there was a thread about this very topic. Several of the comments mentioned InboxBrain so I went to your website and read a few of your question and answer posts. After that I started the trial and have been using it ever since.

Q4. How long have you been using IB?

A4. It’s been about 7 months now that I’ve been using InboxBrain.

in 7 months I’ve just under $20,000 in commission through accounts that received a reply through InboxBrain’s automation technology.

Q5. What’s your favourite feature of the software?

A5. First and foremost the follow up sequences. I was looking for a program that solved that specific issue for me and IB does it very well. Custom templates are great as I find they lead to a higher response rate.

I really like the dashboard and the stats display. You can see just how many responses you’ve received directly from the automated follow ups. As a value conscious individual I like how clear it is to see the effectiveness of the product and that I’m getting my money’s worth.

Q6. Before IB, what was your routine for following up with leads and existing clients?

A6. I had no routine or protocol to follow up regularly to any of my cold emails. If a boss or colleague asked for a progress update regarding a specific company I had prospected then I would send a follow up email. Other than that I focused mainly on prospecting new clients.

Q7. You mentioned value, can you elaborate further?

A7. As a sales professional, I often get asked about my value proposition. What can your company do for me? We’re working with so and so, why should we work with you? Those types of questions are very common.

As a consumer I evaluate my purchases on the same scale. So when I subscribed to IB the first few months I was evaluating the effectiveness of the product in order to ensure the value was there. I had decided that I would evaluate at the end of month 3 if it was worth continuing with the product or cancelling my subscription.

Those factors are the reason why I like the dashboard functionality. Based on the number of replies, opens, clicks etc. I can easily determine if the product has been a successful sales tool for me.

Q8. Can you quantify the effectiveness of InboxBrain for you?

A8. In 7 months I’ve earned just under twenty thousand ($20,000) in commission through accounts that received a reply through InboxBrain’s automation technology.

Q9. Do you prefer to pay monthly or yearly for your subscription?

A9. I started with a 14 day free trial then moved to month to month for the first 3 months. Once I determined its value I signed up for the annual subscription.

Q10. Apart from digital marketers, who do you think can benefit from using IB?

A10. Anyone who sends prospecting emails or has compensation tied to sales.


Brain Millard – Growth Marketer


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