How Use Client Engagement To Increase Retention And Revenue

It’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of thinking the key to growth is to always be bringing in more customers.  In reality, there is far more potential in focusing on your current customers and increasing the retention rate for them. All of it begins with developing solid communication with your customers that will […]

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The Email Drip Sequence that Made my Agency Over $150,000 in 60 Days

email drip sequence that made over $150,000 in 60 days

What’s the secret to winning high quality clients?  While there is no one size fits all solution, winning high quality clients comes from a combination of great timing, transparency, building real relationships, demonstrating relevant results, and making the on-boarding processes seem effortless for the client.  In this article, we’ll be discussing what drip campaigns are, […]

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Tips For Smarter Cold Email Outreach

cold email outreach

Follow these five rules Whether you enjoy the hunt of prospecting or it’s your least favourite part of your sales job, you don’t need statistics to know that cold email outreach is necessary for lead generation. With out overcomplicating the process or breaking down campaigns into to granular detail, we’ve listed the 5 golden rules […]

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Best Sales Email Follow-Up Templates: Take Your Cold Emails to The Next Level

When sending emails, email marketers invest all the resources on the first emails they send to prospects neglecting the relevance of well-structured follow-ups. Many marketers approach follow-ups just as they pronounce the phrase: “Follow-Ups.” Well, the sad truth is that these nonchalant marketers are missing out big time on sales because research has shown it […]

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7 Sales Email Templates: 100% Success Guaranteed

It takes a number of failed sales emails to write an effective one. Why is it so difficult to write an effective template? The thing is that you have only a few sentences and a few seconds to catch the attention of your intended audience. Research has proven time and time again that we humans […]

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Cold Email Templates: 10x Your Reply Rates

First and foremost, what is a cold email? Cold emails refer to a sales emails that is sent to a potential buyer with whom the seller has no prior contact or relationship. Similar to a cold call, the sales representative is reaching out to a person they have never spoken to before. This type of […]

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What is a Follow-Up Sequence and Why Do I Need One?

what is a follow-up sequence and why do I need one inboxbrain

Often when sending an email to a prospective client, most sales people will focus on the initial email and neglect the art of a carefully crafted follow-up email.  Of course the initial email is very important. For many it will be the first contact you;ve made with a sales prospect and first impressions are crucial […]

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