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Regular customer engagement is critically important in today’s noise-filled marketplace. 

In order to stand out against the competition, your brand should be consistently engaging with your current clients through a variety of channels. 

Not only does this provide on-going value for your clients, but can also increase the lifetime value and increased referral potential for more business to be won from your existing contacts.

In this short guide, we’ll be discussing the importance of regular customer engagement, and how to utilize personalized emails, SMS reminders, and ringless voicemail messages to do so.

Why Consistent Engagement Matters

When one of your clients has a need that falls in the realm of your industry, is your brand on the top of their mind for a potential solution?

Similarly, if one of your clients were looking to refer a colleague to a service your brand provides, are you on top of their mind?

If you can’t confidently answer yes to either of these questions, it may be time to re-think the strategy you have in place for engaging with your clients. 

By using a personalized approach, combined with the right set of communication channels, regular customer engagement will become a pivotal part of building long term value for existing and new clients alike.

Using Personalized Emails, SMS Reminders, & Ringless Voicemail To Boost Engagement

It can become easy to get stuck in the loop of only communicating with your clients when there is important information to update regarding a specific project, or the occasional promotional or sales message. If you’re looking for methods to increase revenue through these channels, check out our guide on that here.

However, what most businesses fail to realize, is consistent engagement is the key to building client relationships centered around trust while paving the way for future value.

In this section, we’ll be discussing the best platforms to utilize for regular customer engagement. Chances are, you’re already using one of the three listed. We’ll be taking a high level look, discussing the benefits and potential uses of each as well as how they can be synced together as part of a larger customer engagement strategy for your brand. 


The key to effective engagement emails is personalization. Get your head out of the never-ending sales cycle, and think about how you can provide real value to your existing clients beyond the core services that you sell. 

Through email drip campaigns segmented by types of customers, you can easily provide value and drive engagement from your clients in the span of several weeks or months. 

The best part being, once a drip campaign is written and structured, you’ll be driving engagement consistently practically on autopilot. 

Other ideas for engagement driving emails are as follows:


  • Ask questions about their business/problem with genuine interest
  • Send exclusive industry-related content not available on your website or social media platforms
  • Incentivize referrals/reviews with exclusive promotions or loyalty programs


SMS Reminders

Utilizing SMS messaging as a business communication platform has picked up some serious steam in recent years, and is not on pace to slow down anytime soon. 

SMS messaging provides you with the unique opportunity to communicate almost instantly with your clients and drive engagement and traffic to outside sources with ease. 

Due to this, SMS messages have been increasingly utilized as a channel for sales and promotional messages which have proven to be very effective due to astronomically high open and response rates associated with SMS marketing.

However, there are several ways to use an SMS scheduling system to boost engagement and your average customer value. Here a few:


  • Renewal reminders
  • Following up on recently purchased services/products
  • Incentivize referrals/reviews with exclusive promotions or loyalty programs

Ringless Voicemail

Like SMS marketing, ringless voicemail has also begun to draw serious attention from small businesses and large corporations alike looking to boost their customer engagement.

The main value in ringless voicemails lie in the fact that they are considerably less disruptive, more affordable, and a more effective alternative to traditional client calls.

When you send ringless voicemails, your customer’s phones will not ring but will notify them, allowing them to listen to their message on their own time without any disruptions. 

Here a few ways your brand can begin using ringless voicemail messages to boost customer engagement:


  • Reminder messages
  • Providing updates on shipments, orders, and status of services
  • Sharing important company information
  • Ask specific questions to drive inbound calls
  • Incentivizing referrals and reviews following a purchase


Integrating Communication Channels into your Existing Strategy

While all of these tools are incredibly value on their own, they become that much more effective when combined with each other in a cohesive strategy.

An advantage of using a platform like InboxBrain that offers all three of these services is that all of your segmented groups and messages are in the same place, making it simple to distribute custom campaigns or one-off messages at any time.

By integrating each of these channels, you’re not only increasing the touch points with your clients but also building an ongoing relationship that will provide and earn value both ways. 


Consistent customer engagement could be the key to bringing your brand to the next level. 

When your brand is always at the top of your customers’ mind, you stop becoming simply a provider of goods and services, you become an ongoing valuable asset and a potential solution for problems their companies may be facing.

Additionally, when a real relationship is built with clients, and value is being consistently offered, your existing clients will feel that much more compelled to refer you to their colleagues or friends, even more so when an incentive program is properly introduced.

If you’re looking for a way to boost customer engagement through Ringless Voicemail, SMS messaging, and automated email campaigns, InboxBrain offers a comprehensive platform servicing all three in their Agency and Enterprise packages. You’ll have access to their full email scheduling, SMS marketing platform, tracking, and management tools to seamlessly manage and report results across all of your campaigns,

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