If you’re serious about increasing revenue for your business, there’s no better place to look than your current clients. Not only is the average retention cost for existing clients is much lower than the cost of acquiring new customers, but existing customers are also 9x more likely to purchase from you.

Knowing this begs the question, what’s the most effective way to increase engagement and drive more revenue from your current clients?

The answer is in your pockets. SMS marketing has quickly become one of the most effective ways to keep past and current clients engaged with your business and provides a lightning-fast communication method with your clients that often times converts at a much higher rate than emails.

In this short guide, we’ll be discussing why to use SMS marketing for your business, how to get started with an SMS campaign, along with the top tips for sending higher converting messages.

How SMS Outreach Can Make Your Business More Money

SMS outreach provides you with a unique opportunity to have virtually unlimited touch points with your clients that you know they’ll see as SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate.

SMS is effective for maintaining client relationships, offering exclusive promotions and sales, driving traffic to content pieces or your website, and much more.

Maintaining Client Relationships

The best way to keep current clients engaged is by constantly providing value. This can be done in many ways, such as checking in on their results and provide actionable advice relevant to their pain points, telling them about new services and special discounts, or encouraging satisfied clients to bring in referrals for an incentive.

Driving Traffic

Outside of directly offering promotions and new services or products, SMS outreach is also an excellent channel for driving traffic to anywhere you want your clients to go. Whether you want to bring them to a specific page on your website or get more eyeballs on the new blog post you published, SMS is a great outlet to drive immediate action and traffic to external content.

Getting Opt-in information

Keep in mind that SMS is a permission-based marketing channel, meaning your clients have to willingly opt-in to receive texts from your business to comply with business laws.

The most effective and easiest method of getting clients to opt-in to your SMS campaigns is by promoting an offer or opportunity that they can only claim by texting a keyword or code to your business’s number. 

For example, say you send an email campaign to your client list promoting an exclusive live conference event, and to claim their free tickets all they have to do is text “RSVP” to 121212. 

Other ways of collecting phone numbers from customers can include offering a valuable lead magnet content on your website free to download after their number is inputted, or sending a mass email offering x% off their next purchase to those who opt-in to the SMS list. 

Segmenting & Tagging your contacts

Once you have your contacts collected, the next natural step is to analyze customer data and segment them accordingly.

Just as you would when creating email marketing campaigns, it’s incredibly important to segment and tag your contacts in order to send the right messages to the right people. 

Businesses will segment their contacts based on demographic information, purchase history, what services or products they’ve purchased, or their stage in the sales cycle. Utilize any relevant customer data you have in order to effectively group your contacts based on the messages and campaigns you plan on sending.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to offer an upsell to a client who purchased a product or service not relevant to the current promotion or send messages to clients in Austin promoting an event taking place in Boston the next day.

Segmenting your contacts will allow you to keep track of multiple campaigns at the same time, and deliver the most effective results for all types of customers.


Top Tips for Better Converting SMS Messages

Ready to start increasing your revenue? Here are the top tips to incorporate when crafting your first SMS campaign.

  • Utilize an SMS platform for bulk messaging

Keeping track of hundreds or thousands of contacts and multiple campaigns can seem daunting. Fortunately for smaller businesses, you don’t need to have an entire task force dedicated to your SMS channels. 

SMS marketing platforms allow you to easily import contacts, tag, and segment, craft and run multiple campaigns from your computer, schedule upcoming messages, track analytics and much more. By utilizing these platforms, you’re saving time and resources as well as increasing the lifetime value of your clients.

  • Personalize your messages at scale

Clients react better to messages that are tailored specifically for them. While this can be tough when managing thousands of contacts, it can be easy to personalize messages at scale by using their name, referencing past interactions, and singing messages “ex: — Chris (Account Executive)”. 

Keep your messages natural, and to the point. Too much information or text could overwhelm your contacts and discourage them from taking the actions you want.

  • Timing is key

Timing and immediacy are very important factors when it comes to sending SMS messages to clients.

Generally, results from text campaigns are most effective when they are in-the-moment impulses from the client. For example, reminding customers about an active discount that will expire later that day, or encouraging them to act now for an even greater incentive.

Additionally, the time and day you send messages will have an impact on the results of your campaign. Pick times where clients would be most likely to act upon your message, and be respectful by not sending texts too late at night.

  • Craft Effective CTA’s

In order to get the most out of your SMS campaigns, every message should have a clear call to action. Make this the focal point of your message, and provide just enough information to encourage them to take the next step and follow the link or button you provide.

  • Be creative!

When competing for the attention of your clients, it’s crucial to be creative to drive engagement. Some businesses use polls or include engaging videos or photos that accompany your message. 

Whatever you decide to do, remember that on average, people open SMS messages ~3 minutes after receiving them and close out just as quickly, so it’s important to capture their attention as quickly as possible.


SMS outreach is giving large corporations and small businesses alike the opportunity to consistently reach their customers, provide relevant information, and increase their profitability and bottom line. 

Planning, creating, and executing an SMS campaign undoubtedly takes time and practice. It’s important to revisit your campaigns on a monthly basis to gauge results and make tweaks to your strategies as necessary.

The ease, effectiveness, and affordability of SMS marketing are the main reasons why this channel is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for companies to drive engagement and increase revenue for their business. 

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